About Me

Alex tSince 2008 I’ve traveled the globe as an independent photographer. The work I do and the lifestyle I lead is unique. My travel schedule allows me to collect a wide variety of photos in hugely diverse settings all across the globe.

I’m aware how fortunate I am to lead this life. So I’m motivated to go to extreme lengths to photography and document some of the incredible scenery I witness on my travels. I’ve put thousands of hours into learning about photography, video editing and other creative designs aspects in order to maximize the beauty of my work.

Being dedicated to the art of photography for so long I am totally wrapped up in the pride of getting good results. Each photo is a reflection of me and I have to be 100% sure that it’s perfect before I release it into the world. What this means is that I’m constantly planning how to get find the best angles and spots to photography the world; travelling into the unknown, to the farthest corners of the earth to find exotic beauty in exotic places.

It’s a constant journey to connect with the interesting people and beautiful locations in as I travel. It inspires me and hopefully inspires you to take action and follow your dreams in life.